Home Selling Tips 




Visually expand the rooms. Storing half your clothes will make closets look twice as big. Get rid of excess or worn-out furniture to increase the buyer's comfort.


If the buyer senses this property still belongs to you, it can give them "territorial anxiety," and they'll feel it will never belong to them. Put away your toy soldier collection. Reduce family photos to a treasured few. Your master suite and kitchen should look like a model home.


Of this we're certain: a clean house sells more quickly and for more money than a dirty one. Get your house squeaky clean. If you do nothing else, do this!

Make all necessary repairs

The house should appear to be in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Pay special attention to the kitchen and master bath. These rooms are always at the top of a buyer's list.


Establish a focal point in each room. Give the buyer something to remember: a charming area rug or red geraniums in the kitchen window sill.


Wash all the windows and let in as much natural light as possible. 

Eliminate strong odors

Eliminate odors from pets, smoke or cooking. We can help you create that "new house smell" with common materials and products. And don't forget fresh air and sunlight.